• Bulk Logistics

    Casia Global Logistics has many years of experience accumulated in the bulk logistics field to create a good market reputation in the industry, and has established a wide and reliable customer relationship network. With the support of strong financial strength, the internal senior expert team and outstanding professional talent team provide customers with comprehensive logistics projects and many professional service covering domestic exports, ground operations, sea chartering, foreign imports and door-to-door transportation. The cargo operated covers large cargo, general cargo, containers, etc; the operated projects involve infrastructure, ports, petrochemicals, electric power, etc.
  • Service Content

    Casia provides preliminary logistics budgets and plans for bulk cargoes, warehousing, lashing and fixing, customs declaration, and transportation service.
  • Advantages

    We are good at predicting and handling possible accidents in advance. We can organize and deploy large-scale fleets and heavy lifting equipment for customers, coordinate specific loading and unloading ports, shipowners, traffic supervision departments and other related service agencies, and provide customers with comprehensive and comprehensive service.

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